Berne, Switzerland – Eurotrip

17 Nov Berne, Bundesstadt, Eurotrip, Switzerland

Berne, Bundesstadt, Eurotrip, Switzerland

Berne, Switzerland

How could I come to Switzerland and not visit its capital, Berne? Berne or Bern or Bundesstadt, is a German speaking city in Switzerland’s cantons. So, here’s a glimpse of the beauty of Berne sans too many pics on monuments and heritage sites.

Berne, Bundesstadt, Eurotrip, Switzerland

Bundesstadt, Switzerland

Berne, Bundesstadt, Eurotrip, Switzerland, Weltpostdenkmal Bern, Weltpostdenkmal an der Kleinen Schanze in Bern

Weltpostdenkmal Bern

Beautiful house in Berne, Switzerland

Beautiful house in Berne, Switzerland

Berne, Bundesstadt, Eurotrip, Switzerland

Berne, Bundesstadt, Eurotrip, Switzerland, yellow bell-shaped flower

Berne, Bundesstadt, Eurotrip, Switzerland, red tulips, tulips

Berne, Bundesstadt, Eurotrip, Switzerland, green garden

Berne, Bundesstadt, Eurotrip, Switzerland

I am in awe of Berne and its natural beauty. Unfortunately, I couldnt spend much time here.


Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

10 Nov

What are dreams made of? What do desire the most? What are your aspirations? What inspires you the most?

Sugar 'n' Spice 'n' Everything Nice

Dream a Little Dream of Me…. Happy Birthday to ME!!

Images: Courtesy

Season of Colour Blocking

8 Nov

With bright colours and sober colours, monotones and neutrals, pastels to vintage brights, colour blocking has no rules. Colour blocking can be done whichever way you’d prefer. The trend of  colour blocking in India is so ubiquitous through our ethnic wear, that it doesn’t seem nouveau. We love to experiment with colours, we love the play of colours and yes, Oh Boy!! We are quite colourful. But I see so little colour blocking for men… Absolutely… So little.. So here’s some treat for the eye.

Colour Blocked Look

Colour Blocked Look

Fashion Lifestyle Apps for iPhone

19 Oct

iPhone 4, Apple

iPhone 4, Apple

Yes!! Its here and I finally bought it… the by-product of Steve Jobs’ Imagination, Ingenuity and Innovation – Iphone 4 !!!

My yearning for this genuinely genius product has finally resulted into a fruitful, enticing shopping experience. But, the best part is that I am totally in awe of the iPhone apps especially the Fashion Lifestyle Apps. As listed below, these are my top favourite apps.


The sheer bliss of not working too hard on Photoshop but creating vintage photo effects with the click of a button puts Instagram No. 1 on my list of Fashion Lifestyle Apps. Its also No.1 because it helps me CREATE.

Instagram, Apple

Instagram, Apple

Instagram mode



For those who love fashion and fashion is your passion, then STYLE.COM apps will not disappoint you. With latest updates on seasonal designer collections, runways shows from across the world, backstage parties, street looks and blogs to impress, STYLE.COM is a perfect app for the fashionista.




The history, splendour and glory of Louis Vuitton can be seen through this iPhone app LOUIS VUITTON: 100 YEARS MALLES DE LEGENDE, which when translated reads APPLYING LOUIS VUITTON: 100 LEGENDARY TRUNKS. Partnering with Editions de La Martiniere, Louis Vuitton exhibits one of its finest collections of LV embossed Malle bed, streamer trunks, cake boxes, mail-box library, portable desks – all to portray its 100 years legacy encouraging travel and discovering it through its book.

Louis Vuitton, 100 Malles De Legende

Louis Vuitton, 100 Malles De Legende

Louis Vuitton, 100 Malles De Legende, LV embossed trunks

Louis Vuitton, 100 Malles De Legende, LV embossed trunks


GQ has created its ultimate style guide for MEN in association with MR.PORTER which I can say is men’s No.1 online shopping destination. Having the potential of educating its consumers through style advice on How To Wear, What To Wear etc, GQ has set itself on the path of converting its reader base into conscious shoppers, thus embanking trust on MR PORTER.

GQ Style Guide, Mr Porter

GQ Style Guide in association with Mr Porter


An app that lets you curate styles based on seasonal trends and links it to a unique shopping experience by bringing in lot of interface enhancements. VOGUE STYLIST is your own personal style curator that backs up your choice with insights from trends, daily style inspirations and fashion stories.

vogue stylist, Vogue

Vogue Stylist

For now, these are my top favourites but more are yet to come or should I say, yet to be downloaded.

Zurich, Swiss – Eurotrip

20 Sep

Zurich, Zurich canton, Switzerland


My halt at Zurich was just  for an hour. Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland and located at the north-western tip of Lake Zurich, is a German-speaking city. I couldn’t spend much time since it was raining quite heavily. Yet, I managed to capture some beautiful sights. Here they are.

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich's Shopping district, Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich's Shopping district

Marc O'Polo , Zurich, Marc O'Polo store, Switzerland, Marc O'Polo store window, mannequins

Marc O'Polo, Zurich

Zurich shops, quirky shops, Zwitzerland

Zurich shops

Zurich shops, quirky shops, Switzerland, Zurich shop's window display, paintings, wine

Zurich shop's window display

Read more about Lucerne and Switzerland here.

Facades of Lucerne:


Mt. Titlis:

Engelberg Beautiful Homes:







My Experiments with Orange

5 Sep

A Single Sunflower, sunflower, flower, flower in a vase, all-time favourite, single flower, flower vase

A Single Sunflower

A Perfect Start to a bright, sunny day in Bangalore, India – A Single Orange Sunflower. Unintentionally, I ended up experimenting with Orange. Trying on bright colours and carrying it off in a chic way is an achievement in itself. My Experiments with Orange is a journey of fashion, food and fun, all depicted pictorially below.

My Experiments with Orange, Orange, Orange top, Prada inspired colour-blocked clutch, clutch, chain, pendant, baggy trousers, navy trousers, colour blocking, black ballerina shoes with bow detail, bow detail on shoe, flat shoes, cuffed hem on trousers, Calvin Klein watch, Benetton sunglasses, big goggles, bumble bee sunglasses, sky blue leather belt, knotted leather belt, leather belt

My Experiments with Orange

Worn: Orange shirt by Vero Moda, Navy baggy trousers by Vero Moda, Victoria pendant by Accessorize, Sunglasses by Benetton, Blue Leather belt purchased in thrift market, Black shoes with bow detail by Atmosphere, Prada-inspired colour-blocked Cutch bag purchased in thrift market, Watch by Calvin Klein.

Posing coyly, feeling self-conscious in taking my own pictures, I decided to experiment more with orange through a perfect lunch date at a Chinese restaurant. The palette was brimming with orange, red, bright yellow and complementary mint colours.

A Perfect Start, Colour blocked Lunch, Lime mint cooler, Orange Passion, strawberry, raspberry, ice, cold drink, crushed ice, chicken wings with sweet chilli sauce, Chinese lunch, thirst quenchers, summer delight

Colour blocked Lunch

A colour-blocked lunch with Orange Passion drink that matched with my Prada-inspired colour blocked clutch, a complementary Lime Mint Cooler and an appetizer of Chicken Wings served with orange colour sweet chilli sauce.

Sweet Chilli Sauce, red sauce with chilli flakes, chilli flakes, food, cuisine, Chinese food, side order, side dish, chilly flakes, fork and spoon, chicken wings,

Sweet Chilli Sauce

I didn’t enjoy the main course so much, but loved the hot ‘n’ cold dessert – a Fried Ice Cream topped with caramel sauce.

Fried Ice Cream Dessert, dessert, ice cream, Chinese menu, mint leaf topping, food, cuisine, meal, lunch, cold dessert, hot and cold dessert

Fried Ice Cream Dessert

Lunch was succeeded by a stroll along the retail space and getting engrossed in a whole new retail experience, being totally flabbergasted by the amass of fashion products at display and aspiring to buy them someday. I happened to notice a store window with orange floral detailing and orange outfits at display.

The Orange Store Window, The Orange Store Window at UB City, Bangalore, Tree display with orange flowers, orange flowering, artificial orange flowers, orange dresses, orange outfits,

The Orange Store Window at UB City

Paul Smith Dressing Room, Paul Smith, Paul Smith showroom, orange shirt, corduroy blazer suit, hanger stand, I love Paul Smith, double-breasted jacket, UB City Paul Smith showroom, Paul smith store

Paul Smith Dressing Room

The Paul Smith Store equally resonated the warm, orange feel trough its lighting and in-store display. I wished I could buy some exquisite British products (nostalgia – missing London).

Thanks Activist Eyewear

2 Sep

Lately, I had been busy with my new job and a new project at hand, plus life and et cetera. I had been unable to write my blog and devote my attention to it and I feel bad. So, please wait, I shall be updating new pics and posts soon. I have also been thinking about adding new sections to my blog posts featuring lot many more kinds of posts.

Rest apart, I would like to thank Activist Eyewear for featuring me on their website & Facebook page.

My post on Activist Eyewear's website

My post on Activist Eyewear's Facebook page

Do shop Activist Eyewear’s latest collection of products on their website. Thanks again!!

346 Hits in a Day

13 Aug

Yesterday (12th August, 2011), my blog had a record hit of 346. The highest till date. Thank you all and thank you Iron Man.


12 Aug

Finally, I got it!! My priceless possession – A copy of Scott Schuman’s book – The Sartorialist.
The Sartorialist, Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman book, street photography, fashion street photography, Penguin books

The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman

Happy Anniversary PIINK!!

25 Jul

Its been a year since I started writing this blog. Happy anniversary Paisleys and Indian Ink. I have enjoyed this experience and I am looking forward to write more and more, hoping my travels would take me to places unknown.

Happy Anniversary Paisleys and Indian Ink, PIINK, p_indianink

Happy Anniversary Paisleys and Indian Ink

Browsing through numerous beautifully encapsulated moments, having archived images of wonderful places, having learnt new cultures, languages and having adopted newer fashion styles, I am thrilled to write a column on what I love, what I recommend people to read and what to explore out there in the world full of art, culture, fashion, lifestyle, music, architecture, customs, food, travel, photography and writing. Happy Anniversary again!!

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