Broc, Swiss – Eurotrip

31 May

Maison Cailler Chocolate Factory, Broc

Broc, located in the district of Gruyère in the canton of Fribourg, Switzerland is just an hour away from the cheese factory in Gruyère. The slow train ride takes one along the beautiful countryside with much awaited anticipation to see the one and only place, Maison Cailler Chocolate Factory. Oh!! I just crept into my fantasy world the moment I saw the chocolate factory; having imagined myself to be that innocent child who just won the ‘gold coupon’ to enter Willy Wonker’s Chocolate Factory. The thought of entering that dream destination and feasting on unlimited chocolates was mesmerising, indeed.

Huge chocolate bars, Maison Cailler, Broc

The Maison Cailler had an interactive tour guide, one that starts with a gallery showcasing Cailler’s famous packaging graphics from 1898 till present day. This was proceeded by a Willy Wonker style 4-D presentation ending on a very delicious note – a feast on the freshly baked Cailler chocolates. Yummmmm!!!

Chocolate Shop, Maison Cailler, Broc

Cailler Chocmel

Chocolait Kobler

Nestle Packaging graphics

Gala Peter, Chocolat Au Lait


Rayon, Cailler

Bonbons Fins Cailler


Know the chocolate!!

Hot baked chocolates directly from the oven

In 2006, Cailler approached Roman Klis Design, a branding agency to redesign its packaging graphics with a focus on brand’s rich history and traditional values; thus relaunching itself as a premium chocolate brand in the market.

Cailler re-branding

Cailler re-branding

Cailler re-branding

Enjoy the Chocolaty experience!!!


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