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Season of Colour Blocking

8 Nov

With bright colours and sober colours, monotones and neutrals, pastels to vintage brights, colour blocking has no rules. Colour blocking can be done whichever way you’d prefer. The trend of  colour blocking in India is so ubiquitous through our ethnic wear, that it doesn’t seem nouveau. We love to experiment with colours, we love the play of colours and yes, Oh Boy!! We are quite colourful. But I see so little colour blocking for men… Absolutely… So little.. So here’s some treat for the eye.

Colour Blocked Look

Colour Blocked Look


Lanvin for H&M

23 Nov

Gosh!!! I couldn’t wait to write about H&M’s collaboration with Parisian luxuxy house Lanvin!!! Yes, its finally here today!!! I happened to have a glance at the new store window at H&M and I was totally flabbergasted!!! Not to mention, the website too is amazingly done!!! I love the graphic illustrations and the new look on the mannequins that flows right onto the collection, the t-shirt graphics, the packaging, window display and onto the digital world!!!

With all the excitement and hosh posh going to womenswear, I decided – why not have a look at the menswear collection!!! Not to mention if you are going to shop for  menswear collection at the H&M store, today, early morning you don’t have to wear a shopping bracelet or shop under just 10 minutes per section!!! WOW!! Lucky men!!!

‘Lanvin for H&M’ offers men a daytime relaxed-fit tuxedo jacket with matching jogging pants!!! I must say… quite comfy there!! Its great… it’s all about dressing up, it’s all about an individual style statement, mixing it up in your own fashion!!

Designed by Lucas Ossendrijver, the menswear collection includes a nylon trench jacket (who doesn’t want one now – it’s so in vogue), trousers with ruched cummerband for men, double-breated navy wool coat with gold buttons, navy seeksucker blazers and Alber Elbaz’s trademark ‘bowtie’. Love the whole 1920’s look with mouthbrow (thin pencil moustache ) and slicked back hair!!! This so reminds me of John Waters!!!

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