Lausanne, Swiss – Eurotrip

24 Apr

Lausanne Capitale Olympic, Switzerland

Lausanne, the Olympic Capital of the World, located in Romandy in the French speaking part of Swiss was my next destination. Although, as usual I missed out on the sports part of it during my sight seeing, I got to see the beautiful natural beauty of Lausanne. I was not so keen on seeing every museum, but my main purpose in Switzerland was to see the scenic beauty.

Lausanne Capitale Olympic

Saint-François church, Lausanne, Switzerland

Saint-François church, built in 12th and 13th century and now standing amidst modern day banks, post office buildings and retail stores, was my first pitstop at Laussane. This church was reminiscent of the medieval times even amongst the bustling traffic filled street and busy shoppers.

Window display of a chocolate shop, Lausanne

Louis Vuitton store, Laussane

The Swiss are known for their watches, chocolates and love for luxury, clearly visible on the high street, in the shops and through their luxurious and extravagant window display.

View of Lausanne Cathedral, Lausanne

Built by medieval architect Villard de Honnecourt, the gothic-styled Lausanne Cathedral, also known as The Cathedral of Notre Dame had a beautiful view from across the bridge. Splendid facades, intricately carved statues and vividly painted stained glass windows are the prominent features of this internationally renowned medieval church.

Intricately carved church entrance, Lausanne Cathedral

Carved statues, Lausanne Cathedral

Church Interior, Lausanne Cathedral

Church top view, Lausanne Cathedral

Church top, Lausanne Cathedral

Stained glass window, Lausanne Cathedral

Place de la Riponne, Lausanne

Place de la Riponne, Lausanne

Palais de Rumine, Lausanne

The Florentine styled Palais de Rumine, next to Cathedral Lausanne, presently hosts one of the four sites of the Cantonal and University Library of Lausanne. Additionally, it contains the following museums: Cantonal museum of fine art, Museum of Archeology and history, Numismatic museum, Geological museum and the Zoological museum.

Palais de Justice, Lausanne

My last stop was the Palais de Justice in Montbenon, Lausanne which had a beautiful view from its garden that faces Lake Geneva and the Alps. The view was breathtakingly beautiful and stunning.

Garden near Palais de Justice, Lausanne


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