Engelberg, Swiss – Beautiful Homes

15 Jun

Mt. Titlis, Titlis mountain peak

Mt. Titlis, Engelberg, Switzerland

Mt. Titlis, the journey started with a train ride from Lucerne to Engelberg. What a stunning view, Switzerland is truly heaven on earth.

train ride on Swiss Rail

Train ride to Engelberg, Swiss

Beautifully crafted houses, churches and barns adorn the farmlands where the cattle grazed on lush, green grasses. Each house is different and unique in its make from the other lending itself a wonderful countryside charm and warmth.

Farmlands of Swiss

Scenic view of the farmlands, Swiss

Switzerland Church

Church on the way to Engelberg, Swiss

Countryhouse Switzerland

Beautiful Country Homes, Swiss

Resorts in Switzerland

Resort & Spa, Swiss

Beautiful country houses

Country Home, Swiss

Ladder of country houses

Hilltop Country Homes, Swiss

Country Homes in Swiss

Thatched roof country home, Swiss

Country Home Lodges

Country-house style Hotels in Swiss

White house in Swiss

Beautiful white house with a barn, Swiss

Engelberg downhill countryside

Passage to Engelberg, Swiss


Small barn, Swiss

Engelberg uphill journey

Uphill to Engelberg, Swiss

Engelberg, in the canton of Obwalden in Switzerland, is a beautiful village overlooking Mt. Titlis with breathtaking views, stunning landscape and mountain scenery. An ideal dream destination for spa-lovers, skiers and honeymooners from India. It is also an attractive filmshoot location for popular Indian movie song-dance sequences wherein the actress dances on the snowy terrains in skimpy chiffon or georgette sarees (poor thing must be freezing in the cold) and the actor (main hero), all geared up in winter-wear, is all set to romance her. Nevertheless, Switzerland has thus, become a dream destination for Indian tourists which has increased the tourism revenue for Swiss government, I am sure!!

Train station house Switzerland

Beautiful train station, Swiss

Village of Engelberg

Engelberg, Switzerland

Riverside Engelberg

Riverside scenic beauty at Engelberg, Swiss

Peaceful, serene, calm and refreshing… my search for Nirvana was complete at Engelberg.


5 Responses to “Engelberg, Swiss – Beautiful Homes”

  1. Need New Windows September 13, 2012 at 12:21 pm #

    Beautiful pictures! Loved the homes and I am in love with surrounding landscape. Thanks for sharing.


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