Lucerne, Swiss – Eurotrip

17 Jul

Lucerne, view of the city Lucerne

Lucerne City

View from Lake Lucerne, Switzerland, lakeside view of mountains in Switzerland

View from Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

Located in north-central Switzerland in the German-speaking county, Lucerne, capital and city, is a charmingly beautiful haven for tourists with historic sites, landmark buildings and a getaway to some of the best hill resorts – Mt. Titlis, Mt. Pilatus, Rigi on the Swiss Alps and Stanserhorn. The Lucerne Railway Station has a beautiful cupola entrance that leads to Lake Lucerne and an underground tunnel that connects to the Culture and Convention Centre, which also houses the Kunstmuseum Luzern (Museum of Art, Luzern).

Cupola at Lucerne Railway Station, Lucerne, Switzerland, Lucerne Railway station, entrance to Lucerne Railway station

Cupola at Lucerne Railway Station, Lucerne, Switzerland

Lucerne Bridge, Lucerne, Bridge on Lake Lucerne

Lucerne Bridge, Lucerne

Cruising on Lake Lucerne, Switzerland, Lake Lucerne, cruise ride,

Cruising on Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

Chateau Gutsch, Lucerne, Switzerland, Hotel Gutsch

Chateau Gutsch, Lucerne, Switzerland

Sited on Lake Lucerne and imbedded within the impressive panorama of mountains, Lucerne offers a fascinating view of the medieval city with the iconic Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke) on River Reuss, the city walls with nine watchtowers and its chapels and facades. The historic wooden Chapel Bridge was built in 1333 and restored in 1993, has a number of attractions including many 17th century paintings and an octagonal water tower.

Chapel Bridge, Lucerne, Switzerland, River Reuss

Chapel Bridge on River Reuss, Lucerne, Switzerland

Octagonal Watch tower, Chapel Bridge, Switzerland

Octagonal Watch tower on Chapel Bridge, Switzerland

Houses and Shopping complexes on River Reuss, River Reuss

Houses and Shopping complexes on River Reuss

View of the surroundings in Lucerne, Switzerland

Octagonal Watch Tower on Chapel Bridge, Lucerne, Switzerland

View of the Octagonal Watch Tower on Chapel Bridge, Lucerne

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