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Thanks Activist Eyewear

2 Sep

Lately, I had been busy with my new job and a new project at hand, plus life and et cetera. I had been unable to write my blog and devote my attention to it and I feel bad. So, please wait, I shall be updating new pics and posts soon. I have also been thinking about adding new sections to my blog posts featuring lot many more kinds of posts.

Rest apart, I would like to thank Activist Eyewear for featuring me on their website & Facebook page.

My post on Activist Eyewear's website

My post on Activist Eyewear's Facebook page

Do shop Activist Eyewear’s latest collection of products on their website. Thanks again!!


Activist Eyewear

28 Jun

‘Spring is here and it’s time to talk SUNGLASSES’ !!! 

Designed in Brooklyn and crafted in Japan, Anthony Codispoti’s Activist Eyewear is a new addition to the world of lifestyle accessories infusing old-world craftsmanship with modern cutting-edge technology.

Activist Sunglasses: Wayfarers, Aviators, Lennons

Believing in workmanship and quality over mass-production, Activist crafts only 718 pieces (in honour of their hometown area code) of these limited edition sunglasses, designed in classic vintage styling with a avant-garde twist. Have a look at this video.

I was glad to get acquainted with Anthony and know more about the brand. He personally sent me an Activist Eyewear June 2011 lookbook customised with my name on it. It pleases one when brands take such small initiatives to connect with consumers.

Look Book of Activist Eyewear

Activist Eyewear Authenticated BrandBook

Activist’s styles are based on the classics: Wayfarer, Aviator and Lennons. I love the Lennon-styled sunglasses, his Buddy-Holly glasses which I had also mentioned in my earlier blogpost: John Lennon – My Style Icon.

Iconic Lennon Glasses

Seemingly inspiring is Lennon that Activist has taken these classic styles and represented them in a city-slicker styled brandbook with 3 distinct looks – The East-Coast, The Casual and The LumberJack look.  Preserving its craftsmanship and promoting its futuristic eyewear through an innovative cardboard packaging, Activist Eyewear has nevertheless emerged as a stylish yet rustic-futuristic eyewear brand in a short span of time.

The East-Coast Look, uber look, sartorial look, Activist Eyewear East Coast Look

Activist Eyewear - The East-Coast Uber Look

Activist Eyewear Casual Look, Sartorial Look

Activist Eyewear - The Casual Look

Activist Eyewear LumberJack Look, lumberjack, Wild Wild West look, 50's feel, vintage look

Activist Eyewear - The LumberJack Look

Innovative Packaging, Activist Eyewear Cardboard Packaging

Activist Eyewear Innovative Packaging

What makes Activist’s sunglasses one of the most sought after eyewear by trendhunters? Is it the unique set of frames, the Split Fit arm or the Oleophobic Seal? Listen from Anthony himself on Activist Eyewear’s Radio Commercial.


Available at $450 per piece, you can buy it online by clicking here.


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