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Fashion Lifestyle Apps for iPhone

19 Oct

iPhone 4, Apple

iPhone 4, Apple

Yes!! Its here and I finally bought it… the by-product of Steve Jobs’ Imagination, Ingenuity and Innovation – Iphone 4 !!!

My yearning for this genuinely genius product has finally resulted into a fruitful, enticing shopping experience. But, the best part is that I am totally in awe of the iPhone apps especially the Fashion Lifestyle Apps. As listed below, these are my top favourite apps.


The sheer bliss of not working too hard on Photoshop but creating vintage photo effects with the click of a button puts Instagram No. 1 on my list of Fashion Lifestyle Apps. Its also No.1 because it helps me CREATE.

Instagram, Apple

Instagram, Apple

Instagram mode



For those who love fashion and fashion is your passion, then STYLE.COM apps will not disappoint you. With latest updates on seasonal designer collections, runways shows from across the world, backstage parties, street looks and blogs to impress, STYLE.COM is a perfect app for the fashionista.




The history, splendour and glory of Louis Vuitton can be seen through this iPhone app LOUIS VUITTON: 100 YEARS MALLES DE LEGENDE, which when translated reads APPLYING LOUIS VUITTON: 100 LEGENDARY TRUNKS. Partnering with Editions de La Martiniere, Louis Vuitton exhibits one of its finest collections of LV embossed Malle bed, streamer trunks, cake boxes, mail-box library, portable desks – all to portray its 100 years legacy encouraging travel and discovering it through its book.

Louis Vuitton, 100 Malles De Legende

Louis Vuitton, 100 Malles De Legende

Louis Vuitton, 100 Malles De Legende, LV embossed trunks

Louis Vuitton, 100 Malles De Legende, LV embossed trunks


GQ has created its ultimate style guide for MEN in association with MR.PORTER which I can say is men’s No.1 online shopping destination. Having the potential of educating its consumers through style advice on How To Wear, What To Wear etc, GQ has set itself on the path of converting its reader base into conscious shoppers, thus embanking trust on MR PORTER.

GQ Style Guide, Mr Porter

GQ Style Guide in association with Mr Porter


An app that lets you curate styles based on seasonal trends and links it to a unique shopping experience by bringing in lot of interface enhancements. VOGUE STYLIST is your own personal style curator that backs up your choice with insights from trends, daily style inspirations and fashion stories.

vogue stylist, Vogue

Vogue Stylist

For now, these are my top favourites but more are yet to come or should I say, yet to be downloaded.


John Lennon – My Style Icon

10 Dec

On 8th Dec, 2010, it was the 30th death anniversary of the eternal music legend John Lennon. I grew up listening to the songs of Beatles and among all of them, I admired John Lennon the most – firstly for his music and most importantly for his style. Newspapers have discussed in length about Lennon’s contribution to music, the Beatles, Yoko Ono, his Zen-like tranquillity, and his anti-war activities in promoting peace around the world. The so-called smart Beatles’ influence on music and fashion is remarkable.

Rolling Stones discusses the life history of John Lennon with his biographies, interviews, stories, photographs and videos along with an online archive that has never been published before. The Telegraph and GQ have posted numerous photographs of the iconic legend and his rebel style.

The following is a compilation of  photographic images of John Lennon and his iconic style right from the Preppy, Schoolboy look to the MOD look, Rock ‘n’ Roll look moving onto the Hippie Look of the 70’s with a touch of glam.

Lennon also personifies the ‘Peace Look’ and adorns the Revolutionary look as well. He also continuously changed his appearance from a clean-shaven look to a handlebar moustace to a bearded look (this having resulted after his union with Yoko Ono). From a ruffled hair to long hair to a bald look that totally reminds me of Jason Statham or to aptly pinpoint Brad Pitt with his bald head and gold rimmed glasses. Guess, Lennon has inspired generations to come.

This is a video of 1968, Revolution Mod Fashion Show that portrays the 60’s mod look and also present at the show are John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

During the Beatles first tour of the United States in 1964, John Lennon wore a black fisherman’s cap which quickly became popularly known as a “John Lennon Hat”.

His changing hairstyles are complemented with his changing glasses. He often wore glasses due to his poor eyesight. From thick rimmed ‘National Health Glasses’ that he hated wearing to his softened ‘Buddy Holly’ styled frame glasses, his constant experimentation with glasses continued.

As a tribute to John Lennon fans, Luxury Culture.com has launched an ultra limited edition of cashmere sweaters emblazoned with 1971 self-portrait of John Lennon (which now hangs in New York’s Museum of Modern Art) or with the original hand-written lyrics to his song ‘Imagine‘.

John Lennon will always be remembered for his music, songwriting, his fight for peace and his ever-changing, inspiring personal style. He is my STYLE ICON.

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