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Broc, Swiss – Eurotrip

31 May

Maison Cailler Chocolate Factory, Broc

Broc, located in the district of Gruyère in the canton of Fribourg, Switzerland is just an hour away from the cheese factory in Gruyère. The slow train ride takes one along the beautiful countryside with much awaited anticipation to see the one and only place, Maison Cailler Chocolate Factory. Oh!! I just crept into my fantasy world the moment I saw the chocolate factory; having imagined myself to be that innocent child who just won the ‘gold coupon’ to enter Willy Wonker’s Chocolate Factory. The thought of entering that dream destination and feasting on unlimited chocolates was mesmerising, indeed.

Huge chocolate bars, Maison Cailler, Broc

The Maison Cailler had an interactive tour guide, one that starts with a gallery showcasing Cailler’s famous packaging graphics from 1898 till present day. This was proceeded by a Willy Wonker style 4-D presentation ending on a very delicious note – a feast on the freshly baked Cailler chocolates. Yummmmm!!!

Chocolate Shop, Maison Cailler, Broc

Cailler Chocmel

Chocolait Kobler

Nestle Packaging graphics

Gala Peter, Chocolat Au Lait


Rayon, Cailler

Bonbons Fins Cailler


Know the chocolate!!

Hot baked chocolates directly from the oven

In 2006, Cailler approached Roman Klis Design, a branding agency to redesign its packaging graphics with a focus on brand’s rich history and traditional values; thus relaunching itself as a premium chocolate brand in the market.

Cailler re-branding

Cailler re-branding

Cailler re-branding

Enjoy the Chocolaty experience!!!


Gruyère, Swiss – Eurotrip

9 May

Gruyère, a small medieval picturesque town at the foots of Pre-Alps, known for its famous ‘Gruyère Cheese‘. I arrived at Gruyère after an hour-long journey, a slow train ride along the mountain side with an astounding view of the farms, cliffs, snow and coniferous trees. I have no words to describe the beauty of Switzerland.  Every image gets registered in your mind through the lens of your eye. Your camera cannot do justice to this marvellous natural beauty.


Gruyère Cheese Factory – La Maison Du Gruyère

La Maison du Gruyère, situated right behind Gruyère station is one of the culinary landmark of Switzerland. The ‘Gruyère Cheese’ has its own unique ‘geographical indication‘ and La Maison du Gruyère demonstrates the great ‘cheese-making‘ history of this place.

Inside La Maison Du Gruyère - History of Gruyère Cheese

Traditional methods of Cheese Making

Modern machines for churning Cheese

Cheese kept for setting

Cheese Storage Area

Cheese on display at La Maison du Gruyère

I guess that’s enough Cheese for today!!! Moving on, I took a walk along this beautiful countryside making my way to the 13th century medieval castle situated on the hill-side. The ‘Gruyère Castle’ hosts great restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops and a museum.

Gruyère Castle

Way to the Gruyère Castle

View of the town from Gruyère Castle

Inside the Gruyère Castle

Inside the Gruyère Castle

Inside the Gruyère Castle and more

View of the Alps from Gruyère Castle

View of the Monastery and Cemetery from Gruyère Castle

Say Cheese!!!

Amsterdam Food Fiesta

17 Mar

The European food palette is much different from the Indian food palette. But I guess, now one gets Indian food almost everywhere in the world including Amsterdam. The Christmas market had in store a lot of different delicacies for us to taste – right from stroopwaffles, cheery and chocolate waffles to small round waffles with icing sugar and honey. Yummmmmmmmmmm


Waffle maker

Sea Food

Crabs and fish

Sea food delicacies

Christmas market, Amsterdam

The Christmas market near Prinsengracht was beautiful with glittering street light decorations. Trees lit with shiny light bulbs, ice skating rinks, ice sculpture, hot gluhwein being served to combat the cold with even better hot pancakes and waffles filling the air with chocolaty aroma. Hmmmmm… its mesmerising. Nutella pancakes are the best.. one just can’t get enough of it.. its addictive…

Ice rink, Amsterdam

Hot pancakes being made

Hot Gluhwein

Ice sculpture, Amsterdam

Indian Restaurant, Amsterdam

You just can’t miss an Indian Restaurant in any country. If you are an Indian, you are bound to stumble upon one. Well, on top of it, I also stumbled upon the a Row of Jack Daniel’s billboards, posters, graffiti and obviously bars on Bourbon Street…

Jack Daniel's, Amsterdam

And thanks VINAY.. for some of the amazing eye-catching photographs…

‘Be Stupid’ Cafe

28 Nov

During the summers, I had been to one of these career fairs (Futurising) at Liverpool Street, London. Amidst the chaos of getting part-time jobs and placements, Diesel, one of the sponsors, had set up this amazing ‘BE STUPID CAFE’. Set up in the centre of all those old factory buildings and warehouses, the place which factory workers used as car park was turned into a pop-up shop set up in 70’s theme with fake green lawn,  caravan selling pastries, croissants, cold coffees – foldable chairs with big umbrellas where people can relax and read magazines. This was an amazing way to utilise space giving new look to an old setting – kind of takes the whole place back to the bright and pop-coloured 70’s. The colourful and vibrant Diesel Cafe sought the attention of the youngsters prowling the vicinity.

I love the big fringed umbrella, the colourful paper strings attached on the bus and the colourful flower pot as well. Notice the girl relaxing on the foldable chair – long tunic, leggings, curly hair, shades on the eyes and gold-chained bag with gladiator slippers. Like I said, I am being drifted back to the 70’s glam!!!

The colourful indoors of the ‘BE STUPID CAFE’ had beautifully brocaded armchairs where one can have a sip of coffee, read their book or magazine, listen to the amazing music being played and enjoy the Summer!!! To promote Diesel’s latest campaign ‘Be Stupid’, they were giving out freebies – Diesel catalogues, ‘Dazed & Confused’ magazine, ‘Diesel’ cotton bags to brochures!!!

But nevertheless, it was just an absolutely amazing place to spend a relaxed afternoon!!!! (Yawn).. I miss the summers now!!

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