Colours of Anthropologie – II

13 Jul

Anthropologie has been my favourite brand for a very long time. Its timeless, universal, hand-crafted collection exuberates colour, vibrancy and chicness. For some time, I have been subscribing to Anthropologie‘s online newsletters and so far I have collected some of the best direct marketing or e-marketing campaign posters. Here are some of the best.

Un-blue jeans, Off-white cardigan with animal motifs, AG Stevie ankle, bird motifs, sailor stripe tee, sailor t-shirt, Pink denims Anthropologie, Anthropologie, teal shoes, pastel pink denim, pink jeans, blonde girl

Un-blue Pastel Pink denims Anthropologie & AG Stevie ankle

Spring occasion floral dress, Anthropologie, thin red belt, floral dress, printed dress, orange printed dress, orange florals, everyday occasion dress, Gelater, spring dress, beaded necklace

Anthropologie Spring occasion floral dress

Everyday black and white printed dress, spring fete, brown bustier belt, multi-colour beaded necklace, bustier dress,day-off destination dress, Anthropologie printed dress, bustier dress, bustier printed dress, woman in a coffee dress, woman modelling in a coffee shop, window dressing

Everyday black and white printed dress

Anthropologie Indigo maxi printed dress, standout patterns, night sky pattern, starry night sky pattern on indigo and white, maxi dress, tie and dye dress, Rajasthan's colourful background, colourful saree clad  women, Indian Bazaar, Indigo story, full length indigo dress, maxi printed dress

Anthropologie's Indigo maxi printed dress

Multi-coloured printed floral maxi dress, multi-colour dress, innovative silhouette, indigo blue cloth waistbelt, nerdy glasses, colour theory, maxi dress, relaxed spring dress, spring maxi printed dress, spring florals,

Multi-coloured Printed floral maxi dress by Anthropologie

Catamaran, spicy hues, diaphanous silhouette, boat, catamaran, bakcdrops of Kerala, sereneity dress, relaxed floral printed maxi dress, maxi dress, still waters of Kerala, India, universal look,

Catamaran multi-coloured printed dress

Spring Bell-bottom denims

Colour-blocked pants by Anthropologie

Soft, nude summer dress by Anthropologie

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