Amsterdam Food Fiesta

17 Mar

The European food palette is much different from the Indian food palette. But I guess, now one gets Indian food almost everywhere in the world including Amsterdam. The Christmas market had in store a lot of different delicacies for us to taste – right from stroopwaffles, cheery and chocolate waffles to small round waffles with icing sugar and honey. Yummmmmmmmmmm


Waffle maker

Sea Food

Crabs and fish

Sea food delicacies

Christmas market, Amsterdam

The Christmas market near Prinsengracht was beautiful with glittering street light decorations. Trees lit with shiny light bulbs, ice skating rinks, ice sculpture, hot gluhwein being served to combat the cold with even better hot pancakes and waffles filling the air with chocolaty aroma. Hmmmmm… its mesmerising. Nutella pancakes are the best.. one just can’t get enough of it.. its addictive…

Ice rink, Amsterdam

Hot pancakes being made

Hot Gluhwein

Ice sculpture, Amsterdam

Indian Restaurant, Amsterdam

You just can’t miss an Indian Restaurant in any country. If you are an Indian, you are bound to stumble upon one. Well, on top of it, I also stumbled upon the a Row of Jack Daniel’s billboards, posters, graffiti and obviously bars on Bourbon Street…

Jack Daniel's, Amsterdam

And thanks VINAY.. for some of the amazing eye-catching photographs…


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