Rotterdam (Part 1) – Eurotrip

12 Feb

Rotterdam architecture

Known for its architectural skyline and characterised by landmark buildings, Rotterdam is completely different from rest of the European cities. Part of Southern Holland and yet again a city full of canals, the entire city was rebuilt during 1950’s and 70’s after the German Luftwaffe bombed it during the World War II.

Rebuilding of Rotterdam after World War II

I shall be posting more of Rotterdam’s vintage image collection taken from the Rotterdam History Museum. Moving on, the Erasmus bridge and its adjoining buildings form the beautiful skyline of Rotterdam. Each structure is a tribute to contemporary architectural elegance, adding a whole new diaspora to architecture in Europe.

Erasmus bridge, Rotterdam

Part of Rotterdam skyline

The eye-catching eco-architecture, The Floating Pavilion at Rijnhaven Harbour in Rotterdam is another modern-day marvel that showcases an exhibition pavilion focusing on energy efficiencies and climate change technologies.

The Floating Pavilion, Rotterdam

The Cube houses (Kubuswoningen) are the most innovatively built structures in Rotterdam, creating an optical illusion on the very moment you lay on eyes on it. Guess.. thats what happened to my camera.. Sorry for the blurry images but it was too cold to hold the camera still. Not to forget the strikingly charming Rotterdam Blaak station next to it.. which by the way seemed to be covered completely in snow.

Cube houses (Kubuswoningen), Rotterdam

Rotterdam Blaak station

Last but not the least, the Euromast Tower adds to my list of splendidly beautiful modern architecture of Rotterdam. Designed by Hugh Maaskant during 1958-60, this tower gives a bird-eye view of the entire city of Rotterdam…when viewed in clear conditions. I did make my trip to the top of the tower but happened to see just fog.

Euromast Tower, Rotterdam

Again, sorry for the shaky images…. this time.. I was being attacked by snowballs….


2 Responses to “Rotterdam (Part 1) – Eurotrip”

  1. J. de Bruijn May 30, 2011 at 6:40 am #

    BLAC station, Rotterdam???

  2. Paisleys & Indian Ink May 30, 2011 at 6:58 am #

    Oopsss Sorry… Its Rotterdam Blaak!!!

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