Delft – Eurotrip

11 Feb

Christmas Lights, Delft

So, after having a wonderful time at Brussels, we left the same day for Delft, Netherlands. It was a rather tiresome journey in the snow. Next day, we had a walk-a-tour of Delft – looking at the graffiti chalked streets to the beautiful frozen canals.

Canals of Delft, Netherlands

Graffiti on subway, Delft

We wandered about the town square where the Christmas decorations were being put up. The Renaissance-style City Hall built in expensive limestone and beautiful architecture emblazoned with the Coat of Arms was prominently visible in the Market Square at Delft, Netherlands.

City Hall, Delft

Another prominent structure in the Market Square is the ‘New Church’  (Nieuwe Kerk), the landmark Protestant Church in Delft, present exactly opposite to the City Hall.

Nieuwe Kerk, Delft

Not to miss among the best attractions of Delft Market Square is the ‘Blue Heart of Delft’ situated to the north-east of the main Church entrance. The beautiful heart cut in sapphire (fake) stone is a marvel to look at, symbolically representing the Blue Pottery of Delft.

Blue Heart of Delft

Hand-painted Blue Delftware, Delft

Wooden shoes, Delft

I am still curious about the wooden shoes sold as souvenirs in Netherlands. Have to find out more!!

Nevetheless, among the old structures the Eastern Gate (Oostport) still stands as one of the remaining city walls in Delft.

Oostport (The Eastern Gate), Delft

Although, it was freezing, the yummy,  hot, ‘Stroopwaffles’ compensated for it. It was beautiful to watch the sunset and the moon rise over the canals of Delft, making it a very memorable experience.

Sunset at Delft Canal

Moon rise over Delft

We made our way to the ‘Tu Delft’ university with the campus spread over 3 acres. We had a wonderful bird’s eye of the city atop one of the tallest university buildings.

Delft City View


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