Brussels – Eurotrip

4 Feb

So, after staying a day at Lille, my friend and I travelled to Brussels – the rendezvous point with two other friends’ of ours.  Brussels Centre town square or ‘Grand Place’  (Grote Market or Market Square) was stunningly beautiful and architecturally exquisite.

Grote Market (Market Square), Brussels

As one enters the Grand Place, your eyes eventually move to the ‘Gothic Tower’ of the Town Hall building (Stadhuis). The Mayor of Brussels still sits at the Stadhuis. The Christmas decorations were just popping up at the Town square as we made our way that morning.


Town Hall (Stadhuis), Brussels

The ‘Guild Houses’ and the Neo-Gothic King’s House (The Maison du Roi ) or Breadhouse (Broodhuis) that has now been converted into the Historical City Museum along with the Town’s Hall flamboyantly portray the architectural reminiscence of those glorious times.

Guild Houses, Brussels


King’s House (Maison du Roi), Brussels – now converted to Historical City Museum

Next stop was the Atomium, the extraordinarily futuristic looking totem.  This massive, aesthetically appealing steel structure, that resembled a molecular structure housed a museum and exhibition centre. Atomium is one of the most iconic structures in the historic city of Brussels, Belgium.


The Atomium, Brussels

The Atomium, Brussels

Running away from this freezing cold weather and what seemed like a snow storm, my friends and I took shelter at the National Basilica of the Sacred Heart (Basilique Nationale du Sacré-Cœur). At once, we felt like being in Moscow, seeing the Kremlin-like structure. Although, no one had ever been there. Later readings confirmed that this Basilica was built in an Art Deco style; although earlier destined to be built-in a neo-Gothic architectural style.


National Basilica of the Sacred Heart (Basilique Nationale du Sacré-Cœur), Brussels

Finally, we went to see the ‘Autoworld Museum’ at The Cinquantenaire Park, next to the ‘The Triumphal Arch’ (Arc de Triomphe). The Arc serves as a symbol of welcome for people entering from the east side of Brussels. The Arc has two ‘Exposition Halls’ on either side. The Northern Halls have a collection of airplanes that belong to the Army Museum. Whereas the Southern Halls has the Autoworld museum that houses all old-timer cars right from vintage carriages to modern-day Formula-1 race cars.


Arc de Triomphe, Brussels

Ultimately, the sweetest memory of Brussels remains the ‘La Cure Gourmande’ shop that I saw near the town square. Filled with all kinds of Belgian chocolates.. my.. my.. how can I forget… and more choco varieties, candies, biscuits, cream biscuits, cupcakes and lot more sugary stuff… The best place ever…


La Cure Gourmande, Brussels


Sucrecuitier, La Cure Gourmande, Brussels

Also, the evening Christmas market next to the town square was lively with music, hot waffle aroma filling the air along with hot gluhwein (mulled wine) for the ‘Cold’ Soul…


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