Lille – Eurotrip Diaries

3 Feb

The first pit-stop on my Eurotrip was Lille, France. Although, Eurostar extends amazing offers from London to Lille especially for Christmas shopping. I, for once, decided to forgo my shopping spree, pack my boots and heavy winterwear and head to Lille to start and amazing, yet drilling winter Eurotrip experience.

Lille was frozen … HFO (hell freezes over)… Although, it had one of the best Christmas townsquare decorations. The nightlights and the bombastic giant wheel set against the fabulous Flemish architecture was spellbounding.

The brilliantly lit giant X’mas tree stood jubiliant next to giant ferry wheel that offered a bird’s eye view of Lille from above. The merry-go-round was mesmerizing with its vibrant lights and chiming bells attracting all the children and adults alike.

The chocolatey aroma filled the streets of Lille with local townsmen and women serving hot, mouth-watering waffles and gingerbread at the Christmas market. Ablaze with festive lights and the Christmas market in full swing, I enjoyed my ‘Noel’ experience at Lille.


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