Coastal Chennai: Colours of Bessy Beach

21 Sep

‘Colours of Bessy’ is yet another vibrant addition to my ‘Coastal Story’; adding yet another diversity to my fashion travel stories.

Chennai, India is a culturally vibrant city, traditional yet contemporary in approach. I got up one fine morning on my visit to India and just randomly decided to capture the essence and morning glory at Chennai’s Besant Nagar Beach, fondly called ‘Bessy Beach’.

Among all the beaches I have been to, this remains my most favourite, Chennai’s Bessy Beach. So, I decided why not add it to my blog’s collection of ‘Coastal Stories’. Although, it  was a cloudy start, I was able to capture the ‘colours of the beach’ at my very best. Never before have I captured such vibrancy (P.S. that too so early in the morning). ‘Mamis’ (aunties) in their colourful Pattu (silk) sarees going for a early morning walk in their ‘sport shoes’ or the ‘colourful’ auto rickshaws or boys digging in the sand in their colourful tees.


The sand, the sea, the sky, the sun, the posters on the beach, the boatsman and his guts, the colourful food stalls with their unique typographical yet colourful boards and the magic of colours all reverberate the ‘heart and soul’ of ‘Bessy’.


Bollywood & Kollywood influences along with TamilNadu’s politics & its influence are quite evident on the beach. The mix-match, vibrant and bright colours create a ‘kitsch’, a uniquely different and rich colour palette.

A chrome, rusty yellow colour story is seen emerging right  from the yellow painted lockers, to autos, to posters to ‘pattu sarees’ and moving right onto the colourful merry go-around. Its a wee-merry yellow story with shades of rust and sand.

Chennai’s Bessy Beach: chrome yellow, rust, brown, bright reds, highlights of blues, sand and ice blue.


One Response to “Coastal Chennai: Colours of Bessy Beach”

  1. divyaraghavann January 6, 2017 at 3:07 am #

    How wonderful to explore Bessy beach after the break of dawn 🙂 Great photos!

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