Brighton Bazaar!!

30 Jul


Bazaars… the best place to notice the vibrancy in the colours and in people’s lives.  Brighton’s Bazaar (marketplace) was brimming with travellers, gypsies, merry men (except Robinhood) and musicians. The Italian food filled the air with delicious aroma… pasta, spaghetti and meatballs (not my favourite though) and wine was flowing everywhere.

Tarot readers, tattoo artists, caricature artists, country folk music (Irish mate!!) , jazz musicians and the saxophone… just too good. This is the place I love would to be, the place where culture begins… and where fashion meets culture!!!


These are reminiscent of the Flapper’s age, the 20’s, the Jazz and fashion!! Wow!! Although, this was just a random thought which in no way links to what I saw, it’s just the music, I guess which takes you back in time. Today, it was a multi-cultural festive of music, arts and food. People are busy trying to grasp every moment. The marketplace is buzzing with creative artists and travellers. The tattoo artists caught in action, with block prints of Indian tattoo design also known as ‘Mehendi’!!

Love the colourful printed  floral dresses complemented with the blue denim jacket. The picturesque is so colourful and vibrant – Indian textiles, peacock coloured earrings, wooden blocks of design used for block print. The whole scene reminds of me of Gypsyland (the inspirational land for future designers)!!



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